Common Sense: What is it doing for the educational system?

I always believed that common sense was knowledge of the obvious. For example, it is common sense to own a winter jacket when living in Saskatchewan. It is common sense to pay for your products before exiting a store. After reading Kumashiro’s article, “The Problem of Common Sense” I learned that in the career of …

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Hi it’s Kylie, and Welcome Back to my Blog!!

Hey there EDTC 400 fam and hello to every other blogger that will perhaps (maybe one day) stumble upon this blog post! Grab a drink and a snack, sit back, relax, and enjoy this read about… ME! I am Kylie Lorenz, I was born in Regina but I was raised in Raymore with my mom, dad, …

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An Introduction

Hello EDTC 400! My name is Aurora Lay-Street and I am a second-year elementary education student at the University of Regina! I won’t delve too deep into my own story here, but feel free to check out my site introduction! Here you will find out a little bit about my background, interests, and hobbies. Instead, […]

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Introduction – EDTC 400

Hello everyone! I’m Kaytlyn and I am so excited to begin this course together! I am a fourth-year elementary education student and am working towards finishing the last three classes of my degree! This fall I completed my internship teaching in a…

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