Who Writes The Curriculum? Who Should Write It?

BEFORE THE READING: How do you think that school curricula are developed?  I think the school curricula are developed by people that THINKS they know what is best for students and what they need for the “real world”. Sadly, I think the people that created the curriculum are people that have never taught a class before or …

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How Common-sense Shapes a “Good” Student

What does it mean to be a “good” student according to common-sense? Common-sense shapes a “good” student as a student that everyone should try to be. These “good” students are people that show up for class and sit down at their desk and sit there quietly. A “good” student is someone who gets their work done …

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It Has Always Been Like This…. Doesn’t Have to Stay Like It

This week in ECS 210, I read the article, Curriculum and Theory Practice. Within this article it talks about Ralph Tyler and his rationale. 1. What ways have I experienced Tyler’s rationale in my own schooling? Thinking back on my entire school experience, it’s shocking how similar my experiences were with Ralph Tyler’s rationale. Every …

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Common Sense: What is it doing for the educational system?

I always believed that common sense was knowledge of the obvious. For example, it is common sense to own a winter jacket when living in Saskatchewan. It is common sense to pay for your products before exiting a store. After reading Kumashiro’s article, “The Problem of Common Sense” I learned that in the career of …

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