Enough with the labels… let’s create an equal education environment!!

Socioeconomic status (SES)  is basically a reputation created around money, power, and background. There are high-SES students and low-SES students. In a way this makes sense to me but I disagree with labeling students as high or low. I for one didn’t have the greatest financial support but I would not consider that to be …

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Learning Through Observation

Chapter 11 is based around Albert Bandura demonstrating that people can learn by focusing on other people’s actions and the consequences that follow. This is also known as social cognitive theory. Children are more likely to copy actions of others who seem more powerful. For instance, if a boy’s/girl’s older sibling does homework in front of …

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Spotting the Signs… Reading Response #2

For these reading response blogs we are supposed to establish three things we learned from the reading. In the reading there is a section on Indicators of Child Abuse and it’s broken up into three groups: Physical Abuse, Physical Neglect, and Sexual Abuse. Although these three groups are under one category I would like to pick these …

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